External Building/
  Structural Cleaning
All our specialist cleaning is conducted using our uniquely designed hydropump injector cleaning systems. Ensuring compliance with all current health & safety legislation, but delivering vastly superior results in amazingly short timespans; reducing costs, waste and without damaging the surrounding environment or the building fabric which exist with other high-pressure cleaning methods.
Discover how Pinnacle can eliminate the need for ladders, expensive high access lift equipment and slow, damaging jet -wash systems for your building/structural cleaning requirements by viewing some of the benefits we can offer:
Our specifically designed injector washing systems remove: Grease, Fats, Starch, Foodstuffs, Rubber (Tyre Marks), Hydrocarbons (traffic emissions), Petrochemicals, Oil & Fuel based staining on external wall & fabrics in-situ.
Our choice of equipment & bio-remedial cleaning agents are always based on performance and safety for the surface, operators and environment.
The process is: Non-caustic, Non-toxic, Non-hazardous, Non-solvent, Odourless and Ph Neutral (so completely safe to handle)
Saves time and money in removing labour intensive manual cleaning, expensive lift equipment and omitting the need for expensive waste disposal and post-site cleanup costs
Our site-specific risk assessment & detailed method statements mean your H&S policy, company safety procedures and liability insurance is never compromised
We would be pleased to conduct a comprehensive site survey and provide a specific quotation for your one-off cleaning and or building
maintenance project or contract requirements. If you require further information please telephone 01536 392736 or use the navigation menu on the left.

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