Window Cleaning
Our ladderless systems allow us to reach up to 65ft in height (up to 5 storeys high) and enable us to clean all windows and frames to a streak-free finish.
Using Pinnacle for your window cleaning provides the following benefits:
Flexible systems that can clean at any height, angle and layout
No chemicals used - therefore windows and buildings stay cleaner for longer
Avoids ladder damage to plants, lawns or buildings
Your H&S policy and liability insurance is never compromised
Fully complies with all H&S guidelines & is compliant with the UK Working at height regulations
Cleans windows, frames, cladding, artria, panelling, signs, canopies and fasci
Operators work from the safety of the ground, eliminating the need for unsecured ladders systems and expensive lift machinery
Reaches previously inaccessible windows & skylights
Environmentally friendly - no chemicals or detergents used, just 100% de-ionised laboratory grade water
No detrimental effect to cleaning in wet weather
Reduced disturbance to building occupants and maintains privacy
More cost efficient than ladder access, abseiling or access lift equipment with the advent of the working at height regulations
We would be pleased to conduct a comprehensive site survey and provide a specific quotation for your one-off cleaning and or building
maintenance project or contract requirements. If you require further information please telephone 01536 392736 or use the navigation menu on the left.

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